SERDIKA BULGARIA is one of Bulgaria’s largest and most modern milk processing companies. It is a traditional producer of yoghurts, fresh milks, soft and hard cheeses made from cow’s, ewe’s and buffalo milk. At present the company avails of two milk-processing factories located in the towns of Sliven and Nova Zagora.

Our main business is processing raw milks into dairy products, meeting the highest hygienic and sanitary criteria of EU. The company avails of modern technologies and implements the highest world standards for good hygienic and production practices in the food industry. We have also introduced quality management systems such as ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP.

Our company policy is to maintain perfect quality of all our products, following the rich traditions of dairy production in Bulgaria. Our own brands MARKELLI, MILK WAY, VITELLA and PIZZARELLA are well known and introduced on the market. Many of our products have been awarded medals and distinctions at prestigious international and domestic exhibitions and contests.

Our products are well known in the Middle East countries, and some exports have also been made to USA, Australia and a number of European countries.

SERDIKA BULGARIA is a well-established, reputed and preferred business partner for all dairy and milk business professionals.

Did you know... Research suggest that, contrary to what is a common misconception, that dairy foods may actually reduce the risk of asthma.
Bulgarian producers of dairy products made from cow’s, ewe’s and buffalo milk.