SERDIKA BULGARIA is a leading milk-processing company in Bulgaria with rich traditions and a long experience in the production of yoghurts and fresh milks, soft and hard cheeses and other dairy products. In addition to being a major business player, we are also a socially responsible company, which supports directly and indirectly many other branches of Bulgarian economy such as farming, milk-trade, retail commerce etc.  

It is our aim as dairy producers to not only ensure the constantly perfect quality of our products, but to also maintain and enrich the national traditions for producing Bulgaria’s classical yoghurts and milks, cheeses and butter. Simply because there is no other food product group to which Bulgarian consumers are more demanding.

Our own brands MARKELLI, VITELLA and MILK WAY are among Bulgaria’s most popular dairy products. Fine additions to our range are our other brands PIZZARELLA, ELITSA and YANITSA. All our products have been created with the following philosophy, values and mission in mind – to address the needs of Bulgarian consumers, to offer wide product variety in all price segments and to follow the bottom-line principles for perfect quality, natural raw-materials and healthy lifestyle.

SERDIKA BULGARIA is a first-class dairy producer, availing of modern technologies and maintaining spotless hygienic conditions. Our production practices comply with the world’s highest standards for the food industry. We have implemented quality management systems such as ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP to ensure consistent quality of all products. The company is managed by a qualified team of professionals and utmost attention is given to the permanent training and qualification of staff. We make regular investments in the implementation of new technologies and products, responding to our consumers’ requirements for a healthy diet and lifestyle.   

SERDIKA BULGARIA is a socially-responsible company in service to the public benefit. In addition to our direct and indirect support to many branches of Bulgarian industry, we also participate in programmes with educational, charity and social objectives. It is our constant aim to maintain and enrich the traditions of Bulgaria’s milk-processing, to develop new high-quality and healthy dairy products and to service the public interest in Bulgaria’s strife for lifestyle improvement and raising the living standard of Bulgarian society.

Did you know... Most people with lactose maldigestion can drink up to two glasses of milk a day without symptoms of intolerance, if they are consumed at separate meal times.
Bulgarian producers of dairy products made from cow’s, ewe’s and buffalo milk.